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Idea Concept

Idea Concept had managed to displaced many contemporary industries as we know it. In order to have a continued presence, ID Industries had introduced an idea concept to incorporate your thought process into every design. And to make the design work for you. For example:-

-Increased retail business by renovating your showroom/restaurant.

-Selling your property at a higher price by doing renovation work.

-Getting a higher rental for your property by doing renovation work.

-Improve family ties by creating a more family ambiance.

-To incorporate work space in your home to enable more home based work.

-Creating extra separate entrance room to be rented for Air BnB.

The idea concept is endless. Create reasons to do renovation works beyond the conventional context.

Translation & Your Preference

Nothing expresses your own personal preference as best as the design and concept of your home. The way you eat, sleep, wash, cook or relaxes is a true reflection of your own personal traits.

ID Industries’ Interior Designer & Sales Designer are constantly probing you to express these preference. And to translate these inner thoughts of yours into reality. For example:-

– Having office chairs as your dining chairs because the ergonomic design of office chairs allow for very long and comfortable dining.

– Having a TV on your bedroom ceiling above your bed for total ease in enjoying your viewing.

These preferences, though unorthodox but might had been in your mind. Bringing it to reality will be an experience by itself not to mention the aesthetic value.

ventional context.

Quality Satisfaction

Quality is best translated by the standard of moment. at any given time in particular, some form of finishing will set the standard of quality for that particular times.

ID Industries constantly monitor the fast changing taste of the moment to enable our work to be on track with changes in the market.

Currently, glass & aluminium is replacing the traditional wood based cabinetry. Vinyl is transforming floor and wall covering and at a fractions of the cost of tiles and timber flooring. Water proof wall covering is lending a new robust look on tranditional tiles on wall.

The quality and the use of material of the moment will be best reflected by interaction with our designers.

Design & Build Works

The one-stop solution design and building services.

The fine line between the design and the actual works are becoming more streamlined in today’s properties, especially when the actual works can be more efficient when the Interior Designer designs with an outlook on the actual works in mind. That is why Design & Built company such an Id Industries Sdn Bhd are trust into a more mainstream position of incorporating design and the building work into one easy work flow.
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Interior Design

We do interior design planning and concepts in Malaysia.

We work with potential clients in Malaysia to create an initial design concept. This interior design concept will enable us to explore the full repertoire of works required by clients in terms of floor plan, elevation, 3D images and details. Good news is that our interior design fees are waived upon the confirmation of works assigned to ID Industries Sdn Bhd.

Office & Commercial Renovation Works

Why should you choose ID Industries renovation works.

We often encounter renovation works within the Malaysia property market as a standalone workers or group of workers performing task as assigned to them. To ID Industries Sdn Bhd renovation works in Malaysia is headed in a more organized manner whereby, we adhere to the prevailing governing body set up by the government. Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia (CIDB) is among such organized governing body set up by the government to ensure renovation work in Malaysia is undertaken in an organized manner. Id Industries Sdn Bhd had been a member of this governing body since its inception.

Carpentry Manufacturing

The expert in carpentry manufacturing.

The built in carpentry manufacturing in Malaysia had been going through a robust growth with the massive building and the handover of residential properties in Malaysia. Id Industries Sdn Bhd is a niche market manufacturing outfit that tries to focus on a very unique interpretation of interior designers’ needs. With the globalization and the onset of on line showing, the design scope had been greatly altered and thus had enabled greater design appreciation. We being in this great technological change taking place, are able to capitalize on the manufacturing diversification on a global scale.

Interior Fit Out

Interior fit out for finished building.

More and more builders and developers in Malaysia incorporating interior fit out works for their finished building. In high end development projects in KLCC, Bangsar, Damansara and Mont Kiara areas all completed units does comes with basic fit out such as kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, air-conditioner, intercom, water heater and plaster ceiling. These interior fit out works in Malaysia had enable Id Industries Sdn Bhd to work with a few more established builders in the fit out process for these units. And it also leaves our footprint to a wider range of property owners.

Kitchen Cabinet Supplier

Kitchen Cabinet is a very central part of any residential units. It is usually the heart of most residential units in terms of the social aspects of preparing meals, having a quick snack, place of socializing and many more. And being such as important part of residential units, the kitchen cabinets suppliers in Malaysia had been instrumental in aligning ourselves with designs and technologies available in more central kitchen cabinets suppliers from the European nations. ID Industries Sdn Bhd through its name brand Idkitchen had been a main supplier of kitchen cabinets in Malaysia for the last 20 years. And with the launch of its new Idkitchen range, we believe that we could provide a more cutting edge technology into an already robust sector.