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ID Industries Sdn. Bhd.

ID Industries Sdn Bhd is a renovation, refurbishment, and contracting company that provide the complete range of services involved in the total transformation of a property.

Our service includes, Interior Designer concept, Architectural and Engineering services, Local Council approval, Bill of Quantities, Quotation of Work, Work Implementation and Ongoing Services.

Each of the stage above could be regarded as separate, and yet they are an integral part of our organization. The daunting task of undertaking a renovation work or a fit out work can be very intimidating. This is especially so for the uninitiated first timer. Their knowledge or the lack of it, are mostly derived from people with good intentions but without proper knowledge of your particular needs in mind.

To integrate all the range of services into one easy workflow has always been the defining Hallmark of our organization. In ID INDUSTRIES Sdn Bhd, we believe that by having one organization handling all the range of services and work process, the resulting work would truly reflected our client’s personal preference and our work accountability.

And by integrating the full range of services and work process, we are better able to ensure quality of work and cost efficiency. And the cost savings will ultimately be transferred down to you as our valued clients.

Established in 1994, ID INDUSTRIES Sdn Bhd has weathered its fair share of innovation upheaval in this industry to emerge as a front runner in introducing innovative and cutting edge technology. Each of the projects that we undertake would be scrutinized for the most effective result by our sales designer from the start, to the completion.

This effective work process has worked remarkably well for many of our previous clients and we believe it will be just as effective for our future clients.

About I Dwell (Window Fashion Specialist)

I Dwell specializes in the supply and installation of interior soft furnishings such as custom made curtains, blinds, linens, carpets, wallpapers and designer furniture.

Our services are extended to residential units, offices, hotels, and retail outlets.

We have a wide range of high quality products and pride ourselves in our customer service and meeting clients’ needs in area of design and quality within their budget.

Director’s Statement

Our Managing Director, Jason Wong, had been involved in the Renovation and Construction line with a collective experience of 25 years. His endeavor in this line of work is quite a chance encounter, given that his background is in Finance and Management. It was through the renovation requirement of his own house that exposed him to the requirements of this industry as well as the shortfall.

Through that fateful encounter, he has been fascinated by this industry whereby a totally depleted property could be transformed into a work of art, and with all the comfort and utility requirements that such property entails.

Since then, the focused effort is to transfer new and innovative methods of renovation and building process into the industry. Generally, the holy grail of this industry is to demystify the long and taunting task of navigating the 20 or so of different types of contractors in any given project, in completing their given task in the most EFFICIENT, TRANSPARENT and SECURE manner. To continuously strive in introducing a more comprehensive line of services offered to our clients in attending to their renovation and construction needs.

Corporate Ideals

Our Vision

To Make Everyone’s Dream Home a Reality.

Our Mission

To continuously strive towards work excellence in completing a renovation work in the BEST possible manner.

Our Strategy

  1. To provide an undivided attention to details to all our prospects as well as our clients.
  2. To make the best possible effort in converting our prospects into being our clients in the shortest time possible.
  3. To deal with all our prospects and clients with total integrity and transparency and to encourage open exchange throughout.
  4. To continue in providing quality after sales services after the completion of works.

Core Services

One stop range of assured quality services is our core competitive advantage. We believe that by dealing with one renovation company throughout your renovation process, you are assured of high consistency of quality work high consistency of work quality, timeliness and efficiency. Our job scope includes:

Designer concept

From the beginning, personal taste is probably an acquired trait of our clients. We always assure that our clients to first dictate to us their most preferred choice of concept for the entire work. And subsequently, we will proceed to design the layout in accordance to the concept. We will incorporate the full furniture layout, flooring, lighting, window, paint, wall paper and upholstery in keeping a consistent choice of concept throughout the work process.

Architectural plans

An architectural plan is a blue print for architecture, and the documentation of written and graphic descriptions of the architectural elements of a building projects including sketches, drawing and details. The precision of blueprint or architectural plan is the definite backbone of a unique, safe, functional and exquisite home renovation.

Local council approval

Legal applications are the main procedures which are involved before any renovation works can begin. Throughout the entire process involving multiple government departments and stages, the information is the basis for all decision making. The processes of application and information transfers are becoming more efficient and effective through e-govt online system support. Only after the architectural plans have been approved, will we sturdily carry out the renovation and building works.

Bill of quantities

Bill of quantities (BQ) is a document used in construction which materials, parts, and labor are itemized. We used BQ to create cost estimation such as square area in walls and roofs, the numbers of windows and doors and others. We always strive for consistencies and accuracy in assessment of each building material, which to be utilized in renovation works as they are vital to avoid unnecessary wastage or shortage which might delay the renovation timeline that might alter the cost of the quotation.


We will present to you our quotation that is transparent, comprehensive and standardized. Our quotation is internet based, and thus is connected through network system that enables our Sales Designers to provide to you the quotation anywhere, anytime. And this on line quotation management system enable us to track the moving market trend in monitoring price changes for raw material at different periods as well as sourcing for other more efficient source of supply. Ultimately, any savings derived could be channeled towards our clients.

Work implementation and completion

Details of the job scope and timeline will be provided in the quotation to explain the thoroughness of our work. The renovation works will be fully supervised by our experience Sales Designers and site supervisors to ensure the quality and coordination of each works are consistent.

a) Upon submission of the work production form (WPF), our accounts department will scrutinise all accounting figures and all the corresponding payments attached to the sales order (SO) are in order.

b) To Detailing/QS department, whereby all details of the work involvement and all the quantities of the necessary materials will be calculated to optimised the eventual cost. A comprehensive Work Schedule will also be formalised here to lead all the various workers and sub contractors in meeting the timeline necessary to complete the work.

c) Detailing/QS department will work hand in hand with the purchasing department in issuing the appropriate purchase order (PO) to all of our suppliers and sub contractors. The function of the purchasing department is also to do the necessary vetting process in arriving at the most efficient prices for the products and services that we need.

d) While all these are happening, another copy of the work production forms would have been flowed to the production departments. There, our site coordinators would do a setting out work with our sales designer (SD) and sometimes with the clients as well, in doing all necessary site markings and work implementations.

e) After all the instructions had been formalised by all departments, works at the site will commenced. Our site coordinators will monitor the work progress and efficiency on a daily basis. We even uses CCTV to enable a more comprehensive scrutiny of the site progress.

f) And throughout the ongoing work period, all of the department mentioned earlier will work hand in hand to properly scrutinise every details of the work process to bring the project to an amicable conclusion.